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Bitter . . . Sweet

The word bittersweet has bounced around in my mind all this week.  It seems to sum up best the emotions I'm feeling today.  In a way, it sums up much of what has transpired in my life in the past three years.

Two months ago my husband, Michael was in his second motorcycle accident within a one month period while living 1,000 miles from me (bitter) attending his dream school of becoming a Harley Davidson motorcycle mechanic (sweet).  He's been home recovering (sweet) and now it's time for him to return to school (bitter).

And so the ping-ponging of emotions go as they run their course within me.

I have held on the past two months delighting in having Michael present once again in our home.  I have watched him gain strength and regain his mental cohesiveness following the accident that left him with several broken ribs, a broken and surgically repaired ankle, and a head injury. Though not fully recovered he is in a good place to return to school and complete the dream.