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Lydia as "Eve"

Here is the video of Lydia playing the part of Eve in the pre-kindergarten production of Adam and Eve.

Graduation 2008!

Lydia graduated from pre-kindergarten last night, Thursday, May 22. She was excited to be moving on to kindergarten and sad that she won't see some of her friends until school begins again this fall. As part of the ceremony she played the part of Eve in the story of Adam and Eve. She did a great job. Be sure to watch it whenever I can get it to post to the site.

Fire!! In The Throat That Is!

Lydia missed what would have been her third dance recital due to strep throat. She was so sick she could barely walk the first day before she received the antibiotics. However, after being confined to bed and movies for three days she was back to her old ornery self and was making up for lost time. We're all looking forward to next year!

Lydia Loses Her First Tooth - April 17

So I'm quite a bit behind. Okay a MONTH behind. What can I say but life has been very busy! Let me at least post this milestone, Lydia's first lost tooth!! She was eating watermelon at school on April 17 and wiggled it out. She was quite proud of her little endeavor. Now she has two more. The funny thing is she does not want to leave it for the tooth fairy. I think she is concerned about the tooth fairy actually visiting her room. Same reason she doesn't want the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus in our house. She'd rather get the gifts without having the home invaded.