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Little Things Really Do Matter To God

Yesterday I returned home from an amazing weekend spent at She Speaks, a conference for writers, speakers, and women’s ministry leaders.  It was my fourth year attending and I was greatly looking forward to the weekend. I was excited to be spending it with my very good friend, Melissa.  I was also looking forward to meeting friends I only get to see once a year, to learning from the amazing P31 speakers and leaders, and to serving where I could. 

The weekend did not disappoint me!  At the airport I was contemplative as I soaked in the information and His truth that I had received at the event. I was beginning to miss the friends I was leaving behind.  I was looking forward to being home with my daughter.  I was squeezing in the last bit of fun with Melissa. My heart and mind were very full from the weekend when I boarded the plane. About the time the plane was beginning its decent I was facing a very real need for a ladies room.  It was too late to use the airplane facilities (fine wit…