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Batteries Charged!

I'm full!

I knew I would be following the Hearts at Home conference this past weekend but I'm always amazed when even my own expectations are surpassed. I've been reflecting on all the great information shared by this year's speakers. Jennifer Rothschild  encouraged me with her own vulnerabilities, Chonda Pierce reminded me how good it feels to laugh, really laugh, and Hearts at Home founder, Jill Savage inspired me to think more intentionally about the impacts of my parenting on future generations.
Beyond the main sessions, Moms Night Out, and workshops, I made new friends and met up with many I already know and love. Yes, I'm full and so much better for it. The smile on my face perfectly matches the gratitude in my heart for the many blessings I received this weekend.
If finding renewed energy and appreciation as a mom is something you need join us at one of the conferences this fall and make plans to join us at the National Conference next March.