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"A Slow Burn" by Mary DeMuth

I have yet to personally meet Mary DeMuth although I know of her through my work with Hearts at Home where Mary contributes to the organization's blog. But I don't have to know her personally to enjoy the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of her newest book, A Slow Burn due to release on October 1. I devoured, Daisy Chain, the first book in the trilogy on my way home from the Proverbs 31 She Speaks conference this past July where Mary was a speaker. And not being one who waits patiently I was ecstatic to learn I could get an early copy of book two by participating in Mary's Social Media tour. I quickly signed up!
So here I am having read books one and two and now not-so-patiently waiting for the final book. I'm also pondering what Mary has captured within my conscience in A Slow Burn. Though there is much to take in throughout the book, it was near the end where a key insight leapt off the page. A main character is seeking answers to happiness and turns to a drug d…

A Winning Home Team

I admit it, I’m a football fanatic! I grew up playing football in the backyard with my brother and his friends. In high school I was quick to play in the girls Powder Puff team. I always played Quarterback recognizing the position offered the opportunity to always touch the ball and to call the plays. My favorite was long and left but I also enjoyed coming up with sneaky plays. I was pretty good, my teams won often, and I can still throw a decent spiral a good distance. I wasn’t always graceful though, I once broke my finger playing catch with my then 13-year-old stepson; I wore my splint as a badge of honor. I also sport a nice dent in my shin from where I was running with the ball and attempted to leap over a picnic table in a church scrimmage game only to catch my leg on the bench and go tumbling over it instead.May scrimmage days are far behind me but football is still one of the few reasons I turn on the TV. I love fall not just for the changing colors and the cooler temperatures…