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Learning to Trust

Many of you know my daughter is currently battling an unknown illness. For those who don't the short note is she has had a fever for the past 5 days of 100+ degrees and is complaining of chest pains. An EKG, chest x-rays and blood work have suggested either a virus impacting her lungs or something a bit more serious dealing with her heart. I honestly don't know how concerned I should be, I only know my 6-year-old little blessing does not feel well and we won't have any more answers until after her ECHO next Monday.

She's sick but she's also heartbroken. She missed a fun day at school on Monday where the kids were allowed to wear their PJs and celebrate the 100th day of school. Tomorrow our friend Cheri Keaggy is singing at chapel at her school and the Valentine's Day party is taking place in the afternoon. As a mom my own heart hurts knowing she's missing out on the fun while I also long to just have her back to the normal, happy child she was a week ago.