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Moms, Don't Miss A Chance To Recharge Your Batteries!

Perhaps you have a friend, or a group of friends, with whom you always look forward to spending time. You laugh and cry together, eat your favorite foods, talk about life for hours on end, and walk away from the time together feeling better than before you went.

Well, if you're a mom, sometimes those opportunities are a bit harder to come by. With kids activities, time with your significant other, work, home, or perhaps even school, there just doesn't seem enough time for you, let alone time for your friends. I know how you feel. That's why I make certain to include at least one day a year just for me. That day is spent attending the Hearts at Home conference in Bloomington, IL. This year it will be held March 11-12.

Before you stop reading let me dispel a few myths some have regarding the conference.

MYTH #1 - The conference is for stay-at-home moms.

TRUTH - The conference is for moms who work full-time (like me) or part-time outside the home as well as for those who are at h…