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Parenting Together (a novel concept)

My six-year-old daughter had her first ever ear infection. She had been fighting a cold and fever but it wasn’t until she began asking us to repeat everything and commenting on how funny everything sounded that my husband suggested she may have an ear infection. He was right.

We can learn so many valuable lessons in every day opportunities. My daughter’s illness is no exception. During her second week of fighting the cold I was facing a weekend away from home as I prepared to go to a conference. I woke up the day before I was to leave worried about leaving her behind and the impact it would be to my husband to care for a sick child. It isn’t that I didn’t think my husband would want to care for her, I was solely focused on how I should be there.

In that moment I realized it really wasn’t about the impact to him but that I thought I could do better. Truth is, he is an amazing father and I need to recognize that he and I are sharing in the responsibility of caring for Lydia together. We e…

Final payment

I'm one payment away from paying off my 2003 van. I was 18 the last time I wasn't making payments on a vehicle and I have never actually paid one off. My first car I purchased for $175 dollars and it was barely worth it. I don't even remember the make or model but I do know it was a light blue color, had four doors, needed a screwdriver in order to open the trunk and sucked oil as if it was free. Still, I loved that car because it birthed my first sense of freedom. No longer did I need mom's permission to take the car somewhere. I had wheels and I was mobile! I loved my life then even though I was dead broke, had no idea what I was going to do with the rest of my life and honestly could only see to the next date with my then steady boyfriend, Michael (now my husband of 20 years).

Little did I know that 22 years later I would be looking at freedom in a whole new light. My final payment reminds me so much of the lasting payment Christ made for me and the true freedom I ha…

Top 10 Treasures from 2008

My friend, Trish Berg, posted what she's thankful for in her New Year Day post. I thought it was worth posting my own list so here it is, "My top 10 treasures from 2008."

1. The unabated love of my Savior, Jesus Christ and the fulfillment of His promises.
2. The incredible bond with my husband, may it last forever!
3. The joy of my children, their laughter and the ability to meet their needs as well as many of their wants.
4. The deepening of relationships with my extended family.
5. The treasure of growing friendships.
6. The gift of new friends.
7. The blessings of work (what I get paid for and what I volunteer my time and effort to).
8. The ability to pour out my soul in writing.
9. The great fortune of listening to incredible music performed by creative artists.
10. The hope of new adventures I am excited to carry over into 2009!