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A sanctuary is a place of refuge, a nature reserve, a holy place1. 

Lately I have sought sanctuary.  I have found a portion of it in a little park near where I work.  However, the sanctuary I seek is not found in a place.  Rather, it is my wholehearted desire to meet with Jesus.  I seek Him in the park, I seek Him when I rise in the morning, as I go through my day, and as I lie down at night.

It’s not only a place of refuge but one of relationship.
How my soul responds to these words: “Everyone who confesses that Jesus is God's Son participates continuously in an intimate relationship with God.” 1 John 4:13 (Message)
I am seeking a continual relationship with Jesus, the One who knows me better than anyone else.
Have you walked with Him lately?  Have you sought His intimate relationship? 
Go now for He is waiting for you.


Happy Birthday to Me!

Today marked the start of a new year bringing it with some incredibly sweet moments.  I love my birthday not for the gifts but for the opportunity to pause and celebrate life.
My day included lunch with a wonderful friend, Melissa Milbourn, who lives 2 1/2 hours away!   (Road trip! Yay!) An abundance of Facebook posts, text messages, phone calls, and emails from family and friends  offering witty, sentimental, and incredibly thoughtful birthday wishes!  (Words are my love language so I felt nothing but love all day long!)
Time spent shopping with my adorable little fashionista, Lydia.  (Shopping might be my second love language.)  
Who slept most of the trip (both there and back!)
A quick rest stop where we had too much fun taking photos of each other!

Followed by dinner with my Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Aunt Alice!   We had S'mores for dessert then found out today is National S'mores Day! Who knew?
Regardless of what the year ahead may bring, I count myself very blessed…

Beautiful Birthday Girl

I still remember the day my heart longed to have a child of my own.  The day I begged God to some how, some way, show favor on me with a child.

Fourteen years later I gave birth to God's answer to my prayer.

Today Lydia turns 9!

Each passing year tugs at my heart.  

I delight in watching her grow into a beautiful young girl, while at the same time I'm incredibly aware of how few the years are between today and the moment she'll spread out her wings.

To know Lydia, to soak in her sweet beauty, look into her brilliant eyes, or receive a smile surrounded by adorable dimples is to see the handiwork of God.  She makes me laugh (often), she's the first to notice if someone needs help, she's also witty and loves a good practical joke.

She is a graceful dancer, loves fashion, enjoys cooking, and would own a cheetah if that was allowed. She loves to hang out at home, watch movies, eat ice cream or anything dark chocolate, and pray.

Lydia is a gift enjoyed every day.