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God Walks With You

I was reading the story of Joshua. You remember him I hope. God used him to bring the Israelites to the Promised Land after Moses was taken from them. I picked up the story near the end of Joshua’s life where he was retelling the Israelites about all that God had done for them, reminding them God has fought for them and had brought about every promise leaving nothing undone (Joshua 23:14). 

Then Joshua admonishes them to “fear God and worship Him in total commitment” (Joshua 24:14 MSG). He tells the Israelites to choose who they will serve, reminding them that just as God has been for them, He will be against them if they break their covenant of commitment to God.  Every one of them committed that day to worship only God.

Flip a couple of chapters ahead and you find Judges recounting the same story of the covenant Joshua had set up with the Israelites just before he died.  What we see is that the generation that made the covenant kept their commitment but the next generation broke the c…