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Can you relate?

I'm curious.

Is anyone else lost as to what they are "supposed" to be doing? Any of you out there wondering "what's my next step?"

I know I'm not alone. I know I can't possibly be the only person on earth lost in thoughts of what's next? Diligently seeking wisdom, guidance, vision, perspective, understanding.

Honestly, a billboard from God every now and then would be welcome. But I wonder in the fast pace of life, would I even notice it?

We want a shout, He whispers. We want it now, He says just wait. He ushers us into the next phase often without the big "todo." We want grand brush-strokes, he offers gentle prods. We long to know, He says, "Here I Am." We seek, He says "you'll find." We give up . . . just as He says move forward.

There is so much to gain every day in the here and now yet we are so quick to dismiss it. We marvel at how yesterday went by so quickly all while impatiently waiting for tomorrow.


Set Your Sight

I flew into Chicago recently and was struck by the sight of the sun as the plane rose above the clouds.  
There is something comforting in the brightness of that golden star from the vantage point of an airplane window.  I turned my head and soaked in the warmth. The pressures of life dissipated if only for a few moments. 
I felt renewed in my soul simply because I grasped for a moment the difference between what is seen and what was hidden from view. I grabbed my phone and snapped a photo hoping to remember the moment for days to come.
As the plane dipped below the clouds I was surprised by the starkchange. I tried to capture the difference while wrestling with the contrast.   
I was saddened for the city’s residents who were awakening to the bleariness of the grey, cloudy sky.  
I wanted to shout out to them, “Its okay, the sun is shining up above! Don’t let this dreariness get you down!“  I knew my shouting would be pathetic and not well received. I thought of how often I fail to unders…