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An Anxious Heart

Finding out class assignments is one of those moments as a mom that causes me to become anxious as once again I long to always protect my little girl. We’re blessed to send Lydia to a private Christian school where the teachers are caring, the staff loves the students and the atmosphere helps her to grow academically as well as spiritually. Still, there is always a pause within my heart as we approach a new school year. The time where I find out how God has answered my prayers for her to placed in the right classroom for her.

This year was no different as we drove towards the school, two bags of supplies in tow. Lydia was hoping to get the teacher she most desired and worried she wouldn't have any friends in her class. I was hoping she would get her wish while preparing for the worst by focusing on what I could possibly say to help the transition if she was disappointed. Both teachers are really good they just have very different personalities. I was certain either one would be gre…

Monday's Challenge: Don't Just Walk Away

Last Sunday near the beginning of church service the worship leader asked the congregation to leave the church and walk the neighborhood for the next 15 minutes to specifically pray for the families in the community. I loved the concept and eagerly set about the task.

I stepped outside into the warmth of the sun and glanced around for a direction others weren’t already heading. Typically I love groups but this particular morning I felt the need to go it alone. As I began walking a smile spread across my lips. I enjoyed the vision before me of so many congregation members out walking around. It felt like communities of the past where families strolled together around the neighborhood. There was a sense of camaraderie knowing we were all out there to pray blessings over each home we passed.

One of the first homes I began praying for had a length of black chain fashioned around the front of the small yard. As I looked at the chains I was struck with how many of us live in bondage. We strug…

Drive Thru Service

Who would have thought a drive-thru meal could teach me a lesson on serving?

Eating meals are an everyday act of service from which the whole family benefits. Still everyone who knows me eventually comes to realize I don’t cook. At least, I try all I can to avoid it. I’m not bad at it and yes I do enjoy the satisfaction that comes with providing a home-cooked meal to my family. It’s just to me cooking is an art and not something I’ve mastered. It’s the timing I get lost in. What do you start when so it all comes together without being undercooked, burned, or too cold? I’ve watched two amazing cooks growing up, my mom and my grandmother. Now these two ladies can COOK! In fact, if there was a Cooks Hall of Fame I would nominate both of them. I’ve seen them master the nuances of both big and small meals with a finesse that puts Paula Dean and Rachael Ray to shame.

Lucky for me when it comes to my family’s meals I still rely on my amazing mom and her culinary talents. And when she’s not ava…