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God Created Me!

Recently Lydia brought home a take-home activity from school. The title was "God Created Me!" and her assignment was to answer five questions. Her unprompted responses were so inspiring (and adorable!) I thought I would share them.

Question: God created each person to be unique (one-of-a-kind). What is something unique and special about you?

Response: That I have pretty sparkly eyes.

Question: What do you like most about being you?

Response: I like that I have Jesus in my heart.

Question: What are some ways God shows He cares for you?

Response: He gave me cousins that love me.

Question: How can you show God that you also love and care for Him?

Response: By singing to Him. Singing praise.

Question: To whom can you show God's love?

Response: Somebody who doesn't know God.

How would you answer these questions?


Reflections. A word that brings with it various thoughts and emotions.

I enjoy reflecting on life especially as I think about great past memories of good times spent with family, friends or even alone.

I love reflections in mirrors that capture specific moments in time such as getting ready for a special event or catching a glimpse of myself holding my child snuggled close to me.

But sometimes reflections can get out of focus. Those moments when I can catch myself spending more time keeping my eyes on where I've been rather than where I am heading.

Other times I catch myself spending way too much time harboring thoughts of disappointment about what I think I look like in the reflection. It is then that I must turn my thoughts to my favorite reflection, the opportunity every day to show the love and beauty of Christ to others. Just knowing that I am His reflection is humbling and gratifying. Humbling because I know I always have room for improvement but gratifying as I know He uses me …

Kindergarten Friends

Remember when we were little and we made friends so easily? Lydia has one friend whom she met last year in Pre-Kindergarten that she talks about the most. And while they didn't make it into the same Kindergarten class they still get to see each other at recess, during lunch and at some other school activities. And then there are the days when our schedule is in sync with her friend's and they get to walk into the school together like what happened this morning. They held hands from the front door to the classroom where they had to separate to go into their respective classrooms. I know its tough for them to see now but if they were in class together they would likely always be in trouble for talking. They are two peas in a pod and I think God certainly knew what he was doing when he allowed them to be placed in different classes. But just look at how cute they are together!!!

Laughter really is the best medicine

I'm home from the Michigan Hearts at Home weekend and let me just tell you my meter is full!!! I cannot imagine how different my life would be if I did not have the opportunities I have been blessed with in attending Hearts conferences so often. At times I feel like a groupie! Actually, I'm just a huge fan of God's and since He shows up at every conference I feel doubly blessed to see His hands and feet at work in the lives of so many women.

This last weekend I was offered the gift of a deeper appreciation for my husband's ability to make me laugh. For those of you that know my story, you know laughter was not always alive in my childhood home. But God has more than made up for that in the gift of my husband. I'll be the first to admit I haven't always appreciated my husband's gift but this weekend God let me clearly see that He knew exactly what I needed and He sent me my wonderful husband who is not just the best looking man I've ever laid eyes on, he …