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The Joy of Chocolate (stains!)

My sister, Marcie, noticed a smudge on Lydia's white pants so she asked her, "Did you get chocolate on your pants?"

Lydia looked down and replied, "I'm cursed!" To which we all busted out laughing.

You see my mom, Lydia's grandma, gets teased for always spilling food on her clothes and for some reason when chocolate is involved it ends up not only on her but also somewhere on Lydia if she's near her. So Lydia now believes she has the "curse" of getting chocolate on herself.

I'm still laughing at seeing her response to the chocolate on her pants! Thanks mom for the joy of chocolate. Every time I see it on Lydia's clothes I will think of both of you fondly which will make doing the laundry enjoyable!!

Twas the night before kindergarten...

I can barely believe Lydia is actually going to start Kindergarten...TOMORROW!

Am I ready? Yes, if you mean do I have her school supplies, new outfits, and all the paperwork filled out and turned in. No, if you are asking about mentally ready. I look at her and feel so protective. I'm not ready for her to begin the school years. I'm not ready for the myriad of life lessons she is going to learn. But I do know it is throughout these years that she will be maturing and preparing for life beyond our home and if I can't let go now and trust that she (and I) will be just fine then I will never be able to let go later.

I never really stopped to think about it before but tomorrow I will be cutting the first of many apron strings.

Scissors please...

Making Memories

From the Uncommon Voices from Uncommon Women daily inspiration cards I read the following quote, "You never know when you're making a memory," -- Rickie Lee Jones.

If you were to ask your spouse or even your own children about their favorite family memory the answers might surprise you. It typically is not the expensive trip to Disney World although they likely had a great time. And it may not be the time you slaved all day in the kitchen to prepare the perfect holiday meal even though I am certain everyone loved it and can't wait until you make it again. No, I believe favorite memories often just happen. Just as the quote implies you just never know when you are making a memory so you have to be in the moments you have.

One of my favorite childhood memories occurred when I was about 10. A spontaneous game of baseball erupted in the backyard with my mom, younger brother, sister and me. I can still remember the warmth in the late summer air as a light wind coursed throu…


The other day Lydia and I went to cross a street in order to walk into a store. She looked and saw a car and stopped. I looked and saw the car was at least a half-mile down the road. My experience let me know it was still safe for us to cross. Taking her hand I said, "if we cross quicky and do not dawdle it is safe for us to cross because the car is still far away and moving slowly." She took my hand and she nervously walked across the street but I could tell that she was uncomfortable crossing the road while a car was in sight. I commended her for looking both ways and following directions to not cross the street when the car was there. I told her she absolutely did the right thing.

I began thinking back to that experience and how so often I am like my daughter when it comes to stepping out in faith. I look both ways. In other words I have personal prayer and devotion time and I watch for danger in my attitudes and actions and in those of others or things that might influen…

One little "in"

Have you ever thought about how closely related discipling and disciplining are? Both are intended to develop an individual and both are best administered from love. Though I’ve never enjoyed the process I am so thankful for those who have invested both in me.