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A Heartfelt Miracle

Miracles come in many forms. Sometimes we dismiss them as mere coincidence. Sometimes we don't even notice them especially when the miracle takes place in our heart.

A year ago my family was facing a significant change. My husband was battling some health issues and was unable to work. I was having a difficult time watching him struggle amidst determining how the decreased income would impact our family, while also figuring out how to make everything appear normal with our then seven-year-old daughter.

Needless to say I was quite stressed.

I prayed fervently for my husband's health. I did my best to make sense of our dwindling finances, and I continued to reach out and educate myself in order to best help my daughter understand what was going on. I was also trying not to lose myself amidst the trying circumstances.

I wondered about my ability to handle every thing. Some days I just wanted to cry all day and release the burdens I was feeling. Other days I was upset over my inab…