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Longing For Success

Ever caught yourself wishing you were someone else? Though I hate to admit it, I have. I didn’t really want to be the other person; instead, I longed to have my own sense of accomplishment. I looked at their life and wished I was as successful in school, in my career, with my health, in my marriage, or as a parent. Reality check! It took me a while to realize a longing to have what someone else has would never bring to fruition those things I most desired. It may however, bring about bitterness, envy and strife. Yikes! The truth is, there is not another me. I have been formed, skilled, matured, mentored, given specific responsibilities and placed right where I am for a very specific purpose.So have you. So have they. When I longed to have what someone else had I was usually looking for a shortcut to get me to where I wanted to be. Or l was looking for an excuse on which to hang my own feelings of inadequacy. Or maybe I was focused on selfish ambitions rather than kingdom gains. Yeah, that …