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Exhaustion Doesn’t Even Cover It!

Worn Out! Are you a wife or a mom who is tired—mentally, physically, or emotionally? I am a wife and a mom and I have so been there! Too mentally tired to read—email, favorite authors, a magazine article, yes even to want to look at Facebook©! Too emotional to enjoy great moments in life—my husband’s good natured ribbing, my daughter’s laughter, time with friends. Too exhausted to keep up with daily tasks let alone exercise! I don’t necessarily want to be superwoman but I certainly get caught up in doing. I add one more task to my ever increasing list because it’s something I really want to accomplish. But the worse offense I often find myself engaged in, is giving my family leftovers. Not the prior day meals, though that happens, okay frequently. No, I’m talking about the lack of depth of available emotional, mental, and physical reserves. I desire to actively listen to my daughter even if she takes for-ev-er to recount a story. I want to happily rub my husband’s back when he needs it…