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Shopping For A New Perspective

During a recent shopping trip my daughter, Lydia, became exasperated as she tried on several pairs of shoes, none of which fit. She finally cried out, "Shoe stores can be soooo frustrating!" She had in mind a certain look and every time she saw a pair of shoes that came close to what she had envisioned she would get a burst of hope as we searched the stacks of boxes looking for her size. On occasion we would find a box with the correct number and she would get giddy as she wrestled them out of the box, stripped out all the paper stuffed inside, and worked at the various buckles or straps to get them on her feet. Too often though the smile disappeared as disappointment set in when the shoes just didn't work on her feet. She was tiring of the process and I knew exactly how she was feeling. 
Life can sometimes be just like that shopping experience. 
We get something stuck in our head or heart and begin to seek it out. We start out with high hopes believing we can easily accom…