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Hooked on Hearts at Home!

Never could I have imagined how completely exhausted yet joyous I would be after attending my very first Hearts at Home conference. When my friend Jill said I should go I was really not sure. You see I work full time outside of the home and I was concerned that I was taking another mom's seat. A mom who was meant to be at the conference. After all, I reasoned, the conference was built for moms who are in the profession of motherhood and I didn't think that was me.

How wrong I was! I was completely amazed by the day! I was incredibly challenged and fulfilled. Never had I cried and laughed so much, sometimes at the same time! The speakers helped me to assess where I was in the profession of motherhood, forced me to rethink how I was approaching my marriage, challenged me to look in the mirror (let me tell you I was a makeover waiting to happen) and lovingly encouraged me to honestly evaluate my own personal and spiritual growth. Yes all of that in one very full day!

I have been go…

Kids say the funniest things!

So I picked up Lydia from school on Friday and as soon as she was buckled in she commented, "Mom, what's that thing with the ring around it...Uranus?"

It took me a half-beat before I replied, "'s Saturn."

"Oh yeah," she replied.

Then I busted out laughing....good thing I remembered she was studying the planets at school. :)