An Anxious Heart

Finding out class assignments is one of those moments as a mom that causes me to become anxious as once again I long to always protect my little girl. We’re blessed to send Lydia to a private Christian school where the teachers are caring, the staff loves the students and the atmosphere helps her to grow academically as well as spiritually. Still, there is always a pause within my heart as we approach a new school year. The time where I find out how God has answered my prayers for her to placed in the right classroom for her.

This year was no different as we drove towards the school, two bags of supplies in tow. Lydia was hoping to get the teacher she most desired and worried she wouldn't have any friends in her class. I was hoping she would get her wish while preparing for the worst by focusing on what I could possibly say to help the transition if she was disappointed. Both teachers are really good they just have very different personalities. I was certain either one would be great for Lydia and that it would all work out as the school year progressed. Still, my heart was heavy knowing what it’s like to have your mind set on something only to be let down.

We were both apprehensive as we stepped out of the van and headed the short distance into the school. I silently prayed as we walked for the right words to come when needed, that I wouldn’t forget to just let her work through the news rather than trying to gloss over it, and that she would somehow find something positive amidst any disappointment.

I'm happy to say I never had to draw from those prayers. Lydia not only got the teacher she wanted she also has a classroom full of some of her closest friends. We were both very energized as we left the school anticipating an exciting new school year. My prayers on the way home were those of gratitude.

As always I’m grateful to know I can “give all my worries and cares to God” (1 Peter 5:7 – NLT) especially those times when I feel helpless as a mom. Learning to give up my worries is an every day excercise and I'm so glad I have a God more than willing to take them all.


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