Exhaustion Doesn’t Even Cover It!

Worn Out!
Are you a wife or a mom who is tired—mentally, physically, or emotionally? I am a wife and a mom and I have so been there! Too mentally tired to read—email, favorite authors, a magazine article, yes even to want to look at Facebook©! Too emotional to enjoy great moments in life—my husband’s good natured ribbing, my daughter’s laughter, time with friends. Too exhausted to keep up with daily tasks let alone exercise!
I don’t necessarily want to be superwoman but I certainly get caught up in doing. I add one more task to my ever increasing list because it’s something I really want to accomplish. But the worse offense I often find myself engaged in, is giving my family leftovers.
Not the prior day meals, though that happens, okay frequently. No, I’m talking about the lack of depth of available emotional, mental, and physical reserves. I desire to actively listen to my daughter even if she takes for-ev-er to recount a story. I want to happily rub my husband’s back when he needs it rather than grumbling about how tired I am. I want to view the needs around my home as a testament to the blessings I’ve received rather than using them as justification for my emotional outbursts.
Instead I’m empty so I tune out, complain, and overreact.
Time to Refuel
So what is a wife and mother to do?
Fill up.
A tank needs fuel to operate the car; we need our own source of energy to function.
A great way to refuel is to spend time with God. Listening, praying, absorbing. This is very important and I don’t ever want to dismiss it or diminish this precious time. If you aren’t already in this habit I’d love to encourage you toward it.
Beyond this quiet time I would like to challenge you to consider an added path to reload your empty reservoir . . . attend a conference!
“Say what!” You might respond.
I’m telling you, I have attended at least one conference a year for the past four years and the benefits go well beyond me.
Just last weekend I put 1,600 miles on my car to attend She Speaks, a conference designed to encourage writers, speakers and ministry leaders. I found the weekend was exactly what I needed to recharge my rundown batteries. Even my husband, Michael, noticed the difference upon my return remarking, “You seem mentally refreshed after this weekend.” Truth is, I was. I am!
There’s nothing better than commiserating among 600 other women who are seeking to join hands in spreading a common passion. I made lasting connections, gathered tactical insights, and was challenged in deepening my relationship with Christ. I am so completely full I’m spilling out joy on my family, friends, co-workers and even strangers.
Perhaps you’re thinking you can’t afford to attend a conference. Maybe, like me, you work full-time outside the home and feel guilty taking a weekend away from your family.
I understand. In a year where our finances significantly decreased while my workload increased I wondered how on earth I could be so selfish as to plan a weekend away just for me. The reality is my family needs me to take this time even when they don’t want me to go.
Take a New Approach
I’d like to challenge you to find a conference that fits your interests that you will today make the commitment to attend. Besides next year’s She Speaks (which may or may not be your thing) I have a couple of other suggestions.
Top of my list is Hearts At Home. In fact, Hearts came to exist out of the founder, Jill Savage’s, need to replenish her own cup. If you are a mom and have never been I'll say this, you’ll never want to go another year without plugging in at a Hearts event. Your family will love the wife and mom that returns to them year after year. The next event is this fall in Minnesota. Plenty of time to register and prepare!
A second choice would be an event such as Women of Faith or Extraordinary Women. Both are amazing times of soaking in truths and finding encouragement. And because I attended She Speaks this year, I have a unique offer I can share regarding Extraordinary Women. If you’d like to join me at the event in Rockford, IL the weekend of November 5-6, I can bring as many friends as I want at a reduced rate. Contact me or comment below if you’d like more information.
Whether it’s one of these events or something else like it I want to strongly encourage you to set aside your “I can’t’s” and commit to an “I must.” I fully believe this is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself and your family.  
Come on, you can do it. I triple dog dare ya!


  1. Hey! Look who's blogging. :) Well done, friend. (Lets talk about November when the time gets closer... too far off to know today!) Had a great time with you in NC!


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