A Heartfelt Miracle

Miracles come in many forms. Sometimes we dismiss them as mere coincidence. Sometimes we don't even notice them especially when the miracle takes place in our heart.

A year ago my family was facing a significant change. My husband was battling some health issues and was unable to work. I was having a difficult time watching him struggle amidst determining how the decreased income would impact our family, while also figuring out how to make everything appear normal with our then seven-year-old daughter.

Needless to say I was quite stressed.

I prayed fervently for my husband's health. I did my best to make sense of our dwindling finances, and I continued to reach out and educate myself in order to best help my daughter understand what was going on. I was also trying not to lose myself amidst the trying circumstances.

I wondered about my ability to handle every thing. Some days I just wanted to cry all day and release the burdens I was feeling. Other days I was upset over my inability to help my husband. And some days I focused on the blessings I did have--a place to call home, supportive family and friends, and most of all, a loving God I knew I could trust. Regardless of which way I approached my day I just didn't feel myself. Nothing felt "normal."

That's when a friend suggested I read Carol Kent's book, "Embracing a New Normal." Until that point I believe I was in denial about how my prior life had gone away, permanently. Reading Carol's book prompted me to embrace my own, "normal" life.  My heart changed from one longing for what I could not change to accepting my circumstances. Today, I feel "normal" even though our situation has not changed. Now that is a heartfelt miracle! One I am thankful to embrace. Every. Single. Day.


  1. Hi,
    I just found your blog through Bloggy moms - thanks so much for sharing - I think this is a book I'd like to read too:)


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