Little Things Really Do Matter To God

Yesterday I returned home from an amazing weekend spent at She Speaks, a conference for writers, speakers, and women’s ministry leaders.  It was my fourth year attending and I was greatly looking forward to the weekend. I was excited to be spending it with my very good friend, Melissa.  I was also looking forward to meeting friends I only get to see once a year, to learning from the amazing P31 speakers and leaders, and to serving where I could. 

The weekend did not disappoint me! 
At the airport I was contemplative as I soaked in the information and His truth that I had received at the event. I was beginning to miss the friends I was leaving behind.  I was looking forward to being home with my daughter.  I was squeezing in the last bit of fun with Melissa. My heart and mind were very full from the weekend when I boarded the plane.
About the time the plane was beginning its decent I was facing a very real need for a ladies room.  It was too late to use the airplane facilities (fine with me, I hate navigating them anyway) but the urgency was pressing.  I mentioned my predicament to Melissa.  As soon as the seat belt sign dinged allowing us to stand, Melissa made way for me to step into the aisle.  After what seemed an excruciating amount of time the door opened and I pushed forward.  Melissa made sure I knew she would catch up with me so I walked as fast as I could to the nearest restroom. Thankfully, it was right across from our gate.
Suffice it to say, I made it where I needed to, did what I needed, and all without a single incident.  Feeling much better I turned back to the task at hand, heading home.  As I stepped out of the restroom and into the main area to look for Melissa, I thought I heard her say my name.  I paused but opted to just continue walking thinking I would meet her outside.  My name was called two more times in a very urgent tone.  I was outside of the entrance by now and did not see Melissa.  I swung around as an agitated “what” came out of my lips.  I'm not really sure why I was so agitated with having to meet her in the restroom but I went in  to find her.  I fully expected to see her at a sink.  She wasn’t at any of them.  A quick glance at the shoes showing under each stall surprised me as none of them belonged to her either.  I went to grab my phone to see if perhaps she had sent me a text.  My phone! It was still in the stall.  A wave of gratefulness washed over me as another realization hit.  It wasn’t Melissa who had been calling my name.
I quickly went to the stall, saw my phone and retrieved it.  I walked right out to the hall and located Melissa.  I asked her if she had called my name.  She had not.  It served to confirm what I already knew.  The Holy Spirit had called out to me. 
He knows my phone is very important in my life.  I would have been devastated to have lost it.  It isn't just a phone, it is my primary means of communication, especially with my husband.  God reached into the details of my life and helped me in a moment when I didn’t even know I needed His help.  That is the benefit of walking with Him every day, of seeking His presence, of staying pressed into Him.
I love serving a God who cares about the things that are important to me.  My heart is still incredibly grateful.
Ever wonder if God is concerned with the details of your life?  Wonder if He cares about those little things?  Rest assured God IS concerned. He does care.  Little things really do matter to God.  As do YOU!


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