Above the Clouds

I really enjoy flying. I don't know if it is the amazement of taking something so large into the sky or the speed in reaching my destination. I do find it interesting that I enjoy it so much considering how terrified I am of heights. This morning was dreary, bitterly cold and snow was falling as I boarded an airplane in St. Louis headed towards Orlando for a business meeting. The Florida forecast...highs in the 60s with rain. I knew I wasn't going to get to spend much time outside of the hotel and meeting rooms but I was still hopeful of getting a few moments of sunshine. What I wasn't expecting was to find that sunshine while still on the plane. I always forget that just because all I can see is dreariness on the ground it doesn't mean the sun is gone. As we broke through the snow filled clouds we found ourselves flying in beautiful sun-filled skies. It was then that once again I was struck by the similarities in how many of us live our lives only focused on what we can see -- the bleak and dreary. We forget that there is a God who cares very much for us. He's waiting to be seen beyond the storms in our lives. He's always providing guiding light, warmth and comfort, even though we tend to forget He's closer than we think. The comfort of the sunshine stayed with me even though I was welcomed by thunderstorms in Florida I remembered the sun was still shining above the clouds.


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