So I'm Not Perfect

Try as I might I just cannot seem to always do the right thing in the right way at the right time. Over the years one of the hardest lessons I have had to learn is to humble myself enough to admit when I make mistakes. Recently I started thinking about how I really don't need to be perfect, rather I need to remember that my focus should be on God's perfect will. So that's where I am trying to live. One would think the more often you get the opportunity to say I'm sorry, I really blew it, you would get used to it. Not me. I'm a perfectionist at heart but I'm willing to learn how to admit my mistakes. At least now I can spit the words out, please forgive me I was wrong without feeling the need to justify my actions. After all, excuses are just a way to pass the blame to something else. Believe me, I have used my share of excuses in the past too. I have found that I grow the most when I just accept the blame and work to improve. I also find others more willing to forgive whenever I take full responsibility for my actions. Still, I love the sound of the word's, God's Perfect Will. There just seems to be an abundance of comfort in the thought.


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