What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

I have never been one to really celebrate Valentine's day despite having spent my entire adult life with my husband. When it comes to holiday's I just don't get to worked up over what I receive or don't receive. I have always been more focused on what I give. Don't get me wrong I love to be surprised but is it really a surprise if you expect something? Tomorrow my husband and I will spend lunch together at a restaurant we both feel like eating at and I will appreciate the fact that we make time for each other. Beyond that I don't need chocolates, flowers or jewelry. A few moments of his time and a deeper appreciation of how much we are investing in each other is more than enough for me. After all, I found my prince charming a long time ago and while I have had moments where I thought he was a toad, I was usually the one who needed the attitude adjustment. I'm sure he has moments where he wondered if he kissed the princess or her rude stepsister. But in the end we know what truly matters, showing love to each other even in our less than charming moments. And that alone will make me smile on cupid's holiday.


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