Yet Another Milestone

“Lydia has her first loose tooth,” Karen, my dental hygienist for more than 17 years stated. Oh no I thought, she’s much too young. I wasn’t prepared for yet another milestone to come so quickly. She is five, I mean five-and-a-half, and I knew that was how old her brother, Josh, was when he lost his first teeth. Still, my heart skipped a beat because I knew she was quickly moving into the grade school years. I still miss the diapers, the pacifiers, the nursing and yes, even the potty training. I keep trying to soak up every moment knowing how quickly time passes.

Josh and his wife, Leslie, celebrated their one year anniversary this past fall. I still miss playing catch with him, listening to him play nerf basketball in his room, and seeing his excitement at upcoming events. I have truly been blessed to have the gift of children’s laughter, requests for kisses for their hurts, the excitement of their accomplishments, and hugs when I least expected it for the better part of fifteen years now. While I know more memories are to come with each passing milestone until they come I will continue to cherish the ones I have today.


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