Making Memories

From the Uncommon Voices from Uncommon Women daily inspiration cards I read the following quote, "You never know when you're making a memory," -- Rickie Lee Jones.

If you were to ask your spouse or even your own children about their favorite family memory the answers might surprise you. It typically is not the expensive trip to Disney World although they likely had a great time. And it may not be the time you slaved all day in the kitchen to prepare the perfect holiday meal even though I am certain everyone loved it and can't wait until you make it again. No, I believe favorite memories often just happen. Just as the quote implies you just never know when you are making a memory so you have to be in the moments you have.

One of my favorite childhood memories occurred when I was about 10. A spontaneous game of baseball erupted in the backyard with my mom, younger brother, sister and me. I can still remember the warmth in the late summer air as a light wind coursed through the backyard bringing with it the scent of freshly mowed grass and the promise of fall. But mostly I remember the sounds of laughter and encouragement as each person took turns batting at the ball and running the bases. We weren't keeping score and we didn't have teams but we were certainly making a memory. To this day if I find myself amid a slightly warm breeze and the scent of early fall I can close my eyes and see my family playing that game and once again laughter fills my heart even as I watch the memory fade upon opening my eyes. I walk away from the moment with a smile on my lips and a skip in my step.


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