The other day Lydia and I went to cross a street in order to walk into a store. She looked and saw a car and stopped. I looked and saw the car was at least a half-mile down the road. My experience let me know it was still safe for us to cross. Taking her hand I said, "if we cross quicky and do not dawdle it is safe for us to cross because the car is still far away and moving slowly." She took my hand and she nervously walked across the street but I could tell that she was uncomfortable crossing the road while a car was in sight. I commended her for looking both ways and following directions to not cross the street when the car was there. I told her she absolutely did the right thing.

I began thinking back to that experience and how so often I am like my daughter when it comes to stepping out in faith. I look both ways. In other words I have personal prayer and devotion time and I watch for danger in my attitudes and actions and in those of others or things that might influence me. I make certain that I know my limits and place firm boundaries in areas of weakness. Still, how often has God called me to trust in His guidance, take His hand and walk with Him allowing Him to take control? Rather than listing all the reasons why I can't I should learn to trust even if I do so nervously just as my daughter did.

I have experienced the joy in embracing trust just as I relied on my own experience to determine it was safe for Lydia and I to cross the street. I knew it was so because I had safely done so in the past. So the next time I have the choice between standing by the side of the road eyeing what I think is potential danger or putting my hand in God's and trusting Him wherever He leads me, I hope to choose the latter.


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