A lesson from my seat covers

For my birthday this past August I received a pair of seat covers for the van. I love them because they give me the opportunity to personalize my vehicle and to keep the original condition of the seats intact. There's just one problem, they won't stay in place!

Okay, I admit it, it's my own fault. I didn't take the time to properly and fully secure the cover underneath the seat. It just seemed like too much work at the time. You know, insert the plastic clip at point a, attach at b, while holding tight to c, then turn around and dance to your favorite song and voila! you have now secured the seat cover. Yes, I'm being dramatic. The point is I failed to perform all the required steps and now I have to constantly readjust the cover. Even so, I learned a new lesson from them today.

As I began to push the material into place yet again I was struck by how often I have covered something up in my life when I should have taken the time to deal with it properly. Rather than working to repair a relationship or focusing on areas I need to improve in my day-to-day walk I would whine about why they couldn't just magically get fixed. Like my seat cover! Until I take the time to properly secure it I'm going to be dealing with it on a continual basis and frustrated that it "isn't working!" Unless I apply the proper steps to those other areas in my life that I need to address I will never conquer them either. I'll just continue hoping something will change.

So what am I to do? Focus on the long haul rather than the quick fix. I threw away those little plastic clips so I can't fix my seats. But that's okay because now, every time I push that material back into place, I'll be reminded of the need to give better attention to those other areas in my life that I can permanently repair.

Are there areas in your own life that you have been hoping someone else would fix? Make the decision today to stop whining about it, face the area, and work to resolve it. And while you're working on yours find comfort in knowing I'm working on mine!


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