Beauty of the Seasons

The weather has been treacherously cold here in the middle of Illinois. Windchills sending the temperatures below freezing makes for very brisk walks wherever you might head. The only problem is the ice on the ground keeps most of us at a slow steady pace to avoid slipping and falling. But you won't hear me complain, at least not too loudly. I am a seasonal person and look forward to the gifts each season offers. When it's winter I love the perfectness of the clean white snow and the spectacular view of the sun as it dances off the ice. In the spring I look forward to the the cleansing of fresh rain and the hope in new growth as trees and flowers bloom. Summer brings long lazy evenings with fresh scents of mowed grass and dewy mornings, the sounds of children playing outside and the sights of neighbors enjoying time together. Then there is the beauty of the changing colors in the fall, the anticipation of holidays and family time, bonfires, and my personal favorite sport comes alive during this time of year...FOOTBALL!!

Life is also full of seasons. How often though do we complain about our seasons rather than enjoying the gifts each one offers? When I was little I couldn’t wait to grow up! I wanted to do and be and have. When I was first married I couldn’t wait to no longer be labeled a “newlywed.” And as I matured over the years I found my heart continued to focus on the things yet to come rather than simply enjoying those things I already had! It took the birth of my daughter and the speed in which my stepson grew from a child, to a boy, and now a man for me to realize how what I have right now is the best of this season. Now I can enjoy the laughter and the tears coming from my little drama queen because I know all too quickly neither sound will ring throughout the house. As Josh comes to visit I am starkly reminded he is no longer the little boy wanting to play catch outside or Nerf® basketball in his room but the man of his own home tenderly loving his wife while also balancing the demands of work and school. I know because I have lived the fast-paced, hurry up and get here life and have come to realize how much one can miss when you’re always looking ahead. My daily challenge is to slow down and find joy in every moment. And when I get wherever I am going I’ll know one thing for certain. I didn’t miss a thing!


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