This weekend Lydia and I spent a wonderful two days with Cheri Keaggy. Cheri was performing and keynote speaking at a women's event in Charleston, IL. She was a tremendous blessing to those of us who were able to attend. I love how Cheri communicates Christ and His word in simple, easy to remember stories.

One story that stuck with me was how she loves to use acronyms. I hadn't thought about the benefits of acronyms in learning truths about God. For me they have become a necessary component of work in Corporate America and even my ministry work with Hearts at Home is not immune from acronyms. Heck, we even find them in text messages and everyday conversations anymore. So it was refreshing to here a new perspective on how they can be used in a divine fashion.

As I was driving Lydia and I home I was lucky enough to have Lydia fall asleep 10 minutes into the drive which provided me nearly 2 hours to reflect uninterrupted on the lessons I had learned. During a long, quiet stretch of highway I glanced over at a passing vehicle and happened to pay attention to the license plate. MDIH 1. At first it caught my attention because I thought it said MDH which are my initials. Then I saw the I and thought to myself, "My Day Is His First!"
That was exactly what I needed to hear. It doesn't really matter what I'm struggling with, what my requests are, or even what I intend to accomplish for the day. What does matter is that I start each day devoting it to God first! I love having my own acronym and being able to put it into practice each morning. In fact, I think I'm going to write it on my bathroom mirror so I am reminded, in case I should forget, just how much I need to lean into Him at the start of every day!

Will you join me in making your day His day first?


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