Heart Resolutions

One of the best things about attending and volunteering at the Hearts At Home conference is the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective. In fact the conference is quickly replacing my New Year resolutions. I gain an abundance of information throughout the weekend helping me to find focus for the upcoming months. I determine to work harder on my marriage and my relationship with my daughter. I also connect with friends I only get to see at the conference and I usually walk away with one or two new friends.

This year my heart (and my head) are full of thoughts regarding how to maintain my focus this year. Rather than starting strong only to find I didn't make it past April I want to put together a more intentional plan that will at least carry me until the end of the year. But this plan takes more than me. It takes conversations with my husband, accountability with my family and yes, even a willingness to speak openly with my friends who I know will support and encourage me along the way.

If you missed this year's conference let me encourage you to purchase some of the workshop CDs and DVDs from the Hearts website. Better yet, gather together some of your girlfriends and watch a couple of the workshops together creating your own mini mommy conference right there in your home. You and your friends will come away refreshed and ready to make new resolutions long after the first of the year.


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