A Child's View

My cousin Allison's son, Kevin had a conversation with his Nana. The following is her description of the interaction between the two of them. May you enjoy his view.

I had Kevin overnight by himself a few weeks ago. Kevin stayed with us Saturday night, so of course went to Sunday school with us. For some reason, conversations on the drive back to Bloomington can sometimes be challenging. Kevin tries so hard to make sense of the world.

Kevin- Nana, when I was born were there dinosaurs?

Nana- No, the dinosaurs were already dead. (I look back in the mirror and see the wheels turning.)

K- When Jesus was born were there dinosaurs?

N- No, he didn’t get to see the dinosaurs either. They were already gone. (Wheels are still turning.)

A minute passes.

K- It must have been hard for God to make the long-neck dinosaurs, cause he had to bolt all those neck bones together.

N- I think you're right, Kevin. But God can do the really hard jobs.

Another minute or two pass.

K- It must have been really, really, really, hard for God to make a tyrannosaurus rex cause they’re mean and God doesn’t like mean things. (He sighs). . . .But I guess he had to do it cause the tyrannosaurus is the most popular dinosaur!


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