Thanksgiving Miracle

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Have a blessed Thursday!

How often do we think of miracles during Thanksgiving? Aren’t they typically associated with Christmas?

Twelve years into our marriage my husband and I decided to take a leap of faith and add to our family. The decision took so long because it required infertility treatments. We said yes though we still didn’t know how we would pay for it and we had less than a thirty percent chance for success.

No sooner had we made the decision when a chance encounter led me directly to the specialist we needed. A year later, however, I was still barren. Up to this point we had kept our mission a secret but feeling the need to seek comfort and prayers from others we began sharing what was going on. Well, we shared most of what was going on. I wanted this blessing to be a surprise so I left out a few tiny details here and there so we could savor the one moment I had been waiting nearly thirteen years to share. The announcement, “I’m pregnant!”

Without telling anyone my husband and I drove out of state where I underwent a medical procedure the doctor was confident would produce our long awaited results. Two weeks later a blood test confirmed I was pregnant! I concocted a plan to surprise everyone at Thanksgiving dinner just a few days away.

I purchased a card that said congratulations on the front and was blank on the inside where I wrote these words, “You are going to be a Grandma!” and signed it from Baby Huffington(s) because we weren’t sure how many were actually growing inside my belly. The plan was to have my mom read the card just before the traditional Thanksgiving prayer. As soon as we arrived I gave the card to my then 9 year old niece and told her to tell Grandma it was important she opened it before we ate. I also told her she couldn’t tell Grandma where she got the card. My niece pestered Mom until the last dish was set on the table and she was getting ready to call us all together for the blessing.

I could hear my niece once again asking my mom to read the card. My heart raced as she opened it. As the joy spread across the room it was worth having not told anyone until then.

Nine months later joy spread once again when our daughter was born. Every Thanksgiving since I have uttered a prayer of thanks knowing God is now and always has been in the business of producing miracles no matter what season we’re in!


  1. Such an awesome post!! Lydia is a miracle and I was so happy when I found out you were expecting. I love that I've been able to watch Lydia grow into a sweet little lady. She is such an awesome little girl with wonderful parents!


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