What kind of story are you telling with your life?

What if my life was captured in the Bible?

This question tripped me up one day.  Unable to land on an answer it continues to consume my thoughts.  There are a lot of stories in the Bible of people who's faith was tested in some way or another.  Most of them inspire me with how they faced their challenges, clinging to hope, resolving to trust in God despite their circumstances.  Then there are those who's choices took them down a destructive path.

And so I wonder.

If my life was captured in the Bible would it tell a story of faith or failure?

What about you?  Have you ever thought about the story of your life and what it might say to others? Would our lives emulate those who's stories have been told before ours?

Are we like Eve?  Tempted by what we don't have rather than what we do? Too impatient to wait on God to teach us; enticed instead by what others whisper in our ears?

Are we filled with jealousy like Cain or greed like Judas?

Maybe we're like Sarah, scoffing at the idea of God performing miracles "at our age".

Oh that we would be like Esther, Ruth, or Mary appointed at a specific time for a divine purpose and faithfully and obediently saying yes.

To be like David, a servant after God's own heart.

Even more to be like John the Baptist, Paul, or Jesus, spreading the truth about the love of God for His people, caring for the sick, poor, widowed, and orphaned.

There are numerous examples of real people like you and me who's stories made their way into the Bible.  Our lives may not be read about in the future but they are certainly watched every day by our family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

What kind of story are they reading in our every day lives?


  1. Love this!!! And the awesome part is people like David and Paul have their failures recorded but how they were not only forgiven by God but then used in amazingly powerful ways. Helps me to forgive myself for my horribly embarrassing mistakes in the past. Can't wait for this weekend!

  2. Thanks Connie! You are right. It's great to know God uses us no matter what mistakes we make.

    I can't wait either. Why can't it be Friday already!


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