Child-like Delight

I remember as a child getting excited about Christmas. Dreaming about the possibility of gifts I might receive. Today, I decided to take advantage of some free time and wrap up Lydia's gifts.  I was not prepared for her response upon the site of them. 

I knew she would squeal with delight. I expected the requests to open "just one."  What surprised me, however, was how her eyes filled with tears as she placed each of her gifts beneath the tree.  Almost breathlessly she responded, "oh, I don't know why I'm crying." 

It caused me to think about the gift of Christ.  The gifts He continues to pour into my life.  Have I, with child-like abandon, responded with pure delight at the simple fact that I have received a gift from the heart of Christ?  

May we all take note of this simple response from this precious child.  It wasn't the number of gifts or the potential of what each package contained, rather the understanding that she is loved.  Dearly loved, as we are by the one who shed tears for us, giving His life so that we might receive forgiveness for our sins and partake in the promise of heaven.

"God's gift has restored our relationship with him and given us back our lives.  And there's more life to come--an eternity of life!" ~ Titus 3:7 MSG


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