A God Who Sees To It

We talk often about the faith of Abraham in the story of how he was willing to sacrifice his precious son, Isaac. I cannot imagine God asking me to sacrifice my child or the faith required to follow through on such a request.  I pray I never have to find out.
But there's a part of the story I've never heard discussed but have often pondered.  What does the story look like from Isaac's perspective. 
Isaac walked silently up the mountain.  He understood a sacrifice was to be made and when looking around he asks his father where was the sheep?  Abraham simply replies that God will provide and they keep walking.  But then Isaac finds himself bound and laid upon the altar in place of the lamb.  The story doesn’t share what Isaac thought of the situation.  Was he scared or angered at his father.  Did he cry out or beg for mercy? Or was he, as is implied in the story, simply silent and trusting?  Did he see Abraham lift the knife to take his life? And after the angel stopped Abraham did the incident change Isaac's relationship with his father.  Did it serve to deepen his own faith?
Sometimes God asks us to sacrifice something very dear to us. Sometimes He asks us to give up things that, though they aren't dear, they are still a sacrifice.  Other times we are like Isaac, the one on the sacrificial altar.  The one putting our trust outside of the circumstances in which we find ourselves.
Whether Abraham or Isaac in any situation we must have faith.  A deep trust that God will provide and He will rescue.
What do you need as you end this year and head into the next? 
Do you need Jehovah-Yireh? A God who provides? Who sees to it? Who rescues? 
He is there for us today as He was for Abraham and as He was for Isaac. 
May we always seek to trust in His provision and His rescue for us.  For He sees us where we are, He knows our circumstances and He is already working on our behalf.  All He requires is our trust.
Does He have it?


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