In 40 Days

In 40 days, my husband, Michael, will be moving a thousand miles away to follow after a dream placed in his heart.  I am so very excited for him and this opportunity while I am already beginning to imagine what the next 15 months might look like without his daily presence.  Those thoughts fill my mind and heart with sadness.

Sometimes life is hard.  Very hard.  And in those hard places all I can do is trust. 

Psalm 17:7 says "But blessed is the man who trusts me, God, the woman who sticks with God.” (MSG)

Sticking with God for His long-term plan fills my heart and mind with hope.  I can see beyond the 15 months to a place He has for us.  To a restored family even more blessed for having been apart. 

And I believe.

I believe that God is in full control of every need and longing.  Every place our hearts will feel sorrow and our minds will feel alone.  For in those moments I will rest on the promises of Him walking with us through this season.  For He cares for us.  Cares right down to the last detail (James 5:10).

Are you facing a challenging circumstance?  Are you feeling alone? Defeated? Worried or anxious?  May you know today my friend that He cares.  May you lift up your eyes to the One who loves you more than any other and put your faith, and hope, and trust in Him.


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