Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy 24th Anniversary My Love

I was 17 and had my entire life before me when we first met.  It truly was love at first sight even though it took me a few months to realize it.  But not you.  You loved me from the very beginning. 

I was 19 when we committed to love and honor and cherish til death do us part.  Whatever portion of my heart you didn’t already own was captured that day as you stood, strikingly gorgeous, waiting for me to come down the aisle to you. 

So much has happened in the twenty-four years since then.  We’ve had our share of really good and terribly lousy seasons.  I’ve disappointed you at least as often as I have delighted you.  And I have held the distinct pleasure of partnering with you as we watched your son grow into an amazing young man with a wife of his own, and our daughter begin to blossom as a young girl. 

Best of all, I have been wonderfully loved by you all of these years.  May you in turn know how much I love you my dear husband, and how richly blessed I am that God brought you to me.

Happy Anniversary Michael!  May we grow old together but never weary of each other.

I love you!  

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